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Managing  Director's Visit

1.    Managing Director, OPF Mr. Iftikhar Babar visited OPF Boys College on 24th September 2013 to address the teaching  faculty.  Since Govt has banned the new recruitment, it is not possible to induct new teachers,  therefore, available faculty members have to share the workload at this crucial time.

2.    In his address MD advised the teaching staff to put-in extra efforts and work with greater devotion to make-up the students academic deficiencies. OPF is providing best possible facilities and pay package to its employees so there is no reason to compromise on our standards.

3.    MD highlighted that a definite improvement is required in Board results and overall college discipline. Accountability will remain the most   important part of our education system.  All those who achieve excellent results will be awarded  with medal or cash award and those with poor result may lose their job.